Adonai Children Home Program was meant to provide much more than the basic needs offered by other orphanages in Uganda.It was established to provide each boy with a sense of spiritual direction, elementary education enhanced by moral development, an active program of extra-curricular activities, and a lasting sense of family and belonging fostered by unconditional love and support from all of the staff and volunteers within our ministry.


A strong academic program is our top priority at Adonai Children Ministry. Because many of our children come into the orphanage severely behind in school or having no education at all, we work very hard to help them catch up with their grade-level peers. Each day, ,many hours are spent helping our children with their homework and re-teaching the day’s lessons. Our highly-trained educational staff prioritize not only homework completion, but subject comprehension, supplemental lessons and practical application projects.

Since the average education level completed in Uganda is Adavnced Level, we aim to see our school grow to secondary level nd push our children at list upto A level. A sound education will empower each children to become a responsible, productive, self-sufficient, able to support their own families and make a significant contribution to society. While education is no doubt a struggle for many of our children, there is nothing they love more than going to school. All of our children attend Adonai School a school we established in the community.


A healthy and vibrant spiritual life is vital for the therapeutic and developmental needs of our Ch, and is led by our pastor Douglass and Team of Staff, who lives on the orphanage property. The teachings and practices of A Christ Like Life are taught and experienced daily. Each morning the Children begin their day with prayers, and every Sunday they participate in our Sunday Service Church. We are proud that many of our children serve in the altar.

We seek to integrate the Christ Like Life into most aspects of the children’ daily lives, and provide them with many examples to live out their Christian Life as Born agains by interacting with and learning from others.